Procedure for setting up a deposit with Paysafecard

For players who want to simplify how to make a deposit at an online casino there is a faster alternative. They can download and install the Paysafecard app or register a My Paysafecard account. Then, after purchasing several value cards, the player will enter the PIN codes from these cards into the account on the payment operator’s platform and instantly replenish the online casino account with the desired amount.

The local limit is between 25 and 300 Euro, while internationally, the payment allows a maximum limit of 50 euros. When using Paysafecard online you also take into account the limits required by online casinos for deposit. Please note that the maximum amount allowed on the first deposit can be increased as soon as they have verified the identity of the account holder.

Can you withdraw money via Paysafecard from casinos?

This is one of the major disadvantages of prepaid cards, because they allow the establishment of an instant deposit, but do not offer withdrawal by the same payment method. To make the withdrawal of money it is necessary to use an alternative form, the most often used is bank transfer to an account or a bank card. As a casino player we recommend that you inquire in advance what is the withdrawal method if you use Paysafecard when depositing. Especially since most casinos impose the rule of using the same withdrawal methods as that used when setting up a deposit.

Where can I buy prepaid cards in Brazil?

If you want to play at online casinos and want to control your budget as well as possible, Paysafecard online is the best way to make a deposit quickly. You need value cards that you can buy from the following online and offline outlets in Brazil. Globally, the Paysafecard network counts over 650,000 points where players at any online casino can purchase a value card of this brand.

You can buy cards with a preset value at points of sale, which is to the advantage of casino players. It is the best way to play responsibly, because you can only feed with amounts of 25 50, 100 200 or 300 Euro. From online platforms that accept Paysafecard to the many online casinos around the world, you can use this deposit method. You can pay directly with Paysafecard in e-sports games such as League of Legends, Crystal, or on gaming platforms such as Steam or online gaming streaming sites such as Twitch.

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